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Pärk (ancient scquare-and-border ball) is like an ancient kind of tennis played with two teams of 7 people each. The field is 30 metres wide and can vary in length. The players hit the ball with their hands or kick it. The Pärk itself works as serve ground. It is marked off with wooden laths and measures 2.1 X 0.7 metres.

On Gotland, this sport has lived on throughout the centuries and constitutes a living link to our past – hitting the ball successfully with your hand is magic!

The ball is made of a tight ball of yarn that has been dressed in sheepskin.

Hoas Hantverk produces balls for sale.

Men’s ball (130 – 140 g) costs 200:-
Women’s ball (80 – 90 g) costs 180:-

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  A classic Paerk stance  
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