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Asparagus is the most wonderful early vegetable of the spring!
At Lilla Bjers, we grow white and green asparagus. They are essentially the same plant, but unlike the green one, the white asparagus is never allowed to grow above ground. Consequently, white asparagus has to be cultivated in a high bed of soil. A small crack in, or a minuscule protrusion of, the surface of the earth reveals the asparagus underneath. Twice a day we harvest, and harvesting is like a treasure hunt!

Asparagus is perennial and can be harvested from early May until about Midsummer. After that the asparagus is allowed to grow freely in order for the plant to gather energy for the next season.

White asparagus is a fine delicacy
It has to be peeled, preferably with a peeling knife or an asparagus peeler. Boil the asparagus in lightly salted water with a little sugar in it for about 15 minutes. White asparagus is best served as an entrée with a pat of good butter and crystal salt.

Green asparagus grows above ground. It is harvested daily and eaten straight away. Boil it in lightly salted water for about 5 minutes. You can also parboil it and then fry it in the frying pan in some olive oil and with crystal salt. Serve it as the accompaniment of a roast of lamb or on its own together with a good sauce.

In the autumn and winter we have to be content with frozen asparagus.

Look at our recipe for a deliciously warming asparagus soup.

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