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Welcome to the Hoas family
and Hoas Hantverk HB. We live on a Gotlandic farm, grow organic vegetables and produce arts and crafts. The changing of the seasons makes life here varied and interesting. We grow vegetables mainly because we love eating healthy and tasty food ourselves. Our art handicraft products are inspired by the scenery and rich history of Gotland. Using our hands to create things is a need and a joy for us.

Margareta, Göran, Elin, Einar, Agnes


Suits of armour replicas
Over the years, Margareta and Göran have acquired a thorough knowledge of medieval armour. Theoretical studies as well as practical experience have made them virtual experts on the kinds of armour found in the mass graves left after Gotland’s struggle against the Danish King Valdemar Atterdag in 1361. These are the only 14-century suits of armour preserved that we know have been used in battle, and as such they are unique.

By order of Länsmuseet on Gotland Margareta and Göran Hoas have made replicas of the 25 Wisby plates that were discovered in the mass graves. These replicas are on display as part of the exhibition “Kalla spår” at Länsmuseet in Visby.


The farm
On the farm Lilla Bjers we grow most of our own food. All farming is ecological. What we do not need for our own household we sell in the farm shop. The products of the current season are always in focus here

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Hoas Hantverk
Hoas Hantverk make arts and crafts made of wood, leather and metal, and inspired by medieval designs as well as armour. Margareta Hoas is also a skilled calligrapher, who works to order and teaches courses on the subject.

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Short Swedish - English translation
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Gården = The farm
Sparris = Aspargus

Hantverk = Arts and crafts
Kalligrafi = Calligraphy
Rustningar = Suits of Armour
Produkter = Products
Medeltid = The Middle ages

Kontakt = Contact us

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