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The Middle Ages are an important source of inspiration to the Hoas family. Our interest in history influences both our working life and spare time activities. At Lilla Bjers we are proud of and curious about the energy and drive of the historic farmers who helped Gotland prosper and left their traces all over the island.

Margareta and Göran took part in the founding of Styringheim, the Gotland branch of SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) in the middle of the 80’s. We have worked in many different ways with this organization to bring the Middle Ages to life. The organization focuses on the things that are fun and pleasant and they range from building suits of armour to sewing festivals and paerk championships – always with a great deal of historical accuracy.

During the medieval week on Gotland (week 32), Margareta and Göran teach courses and give lectures on calligraphy and armour at Kapitelhusgården. Hoas Hantverk is also represented on the Sunday fairs held that week at Gotlandsänget.

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  The Middle Ages
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