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Coats of plates, suits of armour or parts of suits of armour can be ordered from Hoas Hantverk. We also provide advice for those who wish to make their own armour. Margareta has published brief manuals on how to craft your own chain-mail, and how to make the suit of armour typical of Visby in the Middle Ages.

Over the years, Margareta and Göran have acquired a thorough knowledge of medieval armour. Theoretical studies as well as practical experience have made them virtual experts on the kinds of armour found in the mass graves left after Gotland’s struggle against the Danish King Valdemar Atterdag in 1361. These are the only 14-century suits of armour preserved that we know have been used in battle, and as such they are unique.

By order of Länsmuseet on Gotland Margareta and Göran Hoas have made replicas of the 25 Wisby plates that were discovered in the mass graves. These replicas are on display every summer as part of the exhibition “The Invasion of Gotland in 1361” at Kapitelhuset in Visby.


  Exhibition at Länsmuseet Gotland
    Exhibition at Länsmuseet Gotland
      Part of medieval armour: arm
      Manual: Hur man tillverkar en ringbrynjehuva
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