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Arts and crafts

Hoas Hantverk produce art handicraft made of wood, leather and metal. Our production is characterized by thorough craftsmanship down to the smallest detail, and our designs are often based on a medieval idiom.

Using wood and metal, we make cutting boards, backgammon games, butter knives, cheese slicers, plates, cutlery (servers, ladles, spoons, knives) and candle holders.

Among our leather products you will find belts, balls for the Gotlandic game of pärk (ancient square-and-border ball) , as well as medieval shoes (copies of Visby findings). Margareta designs the products of our company and then the two of us cooperate in making them.


Beck & Rep is our provider of excellent homemade rope and string. They also sell blacksmith work, clothes and other medevial produce. Their site is is unfortunately only in Swedish!

Short Swedish - English translation
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Gården = The farm
Sparris = Aspargus

Hantverk = Arts and crafts
Kalligrafi = Calligraphy
Rustningar = Suits of Armour
Produkter = Products
Medeltid = The Middle Ages

Kontakt = Contact us

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