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- My handwriting was so ugly!

This is the reason why Margareta Hoas became interested in calligraphy. She learned it on her own, practised assiduously, and soon started teaching courses.

Today close to one thousand people have attended one of Margareta’s courses of calligraphy, and even more people watched the course broadcast on TV, which she offered through the so-called UR academy in 1996. Typical of Margareta’s courses as well as her book “Kråkfötter kan bli skönskrift” (1995) is her relaxed attitude towards calligraphy:

“It is not supposed to be all that complicated. Computers may create perfection; calligraphy brings out the joy,” she explains.

Margareta Hoas accepts orders for books of remembrance and diplomas, among other things. She likes combining calligraphy and water colour, and such works of art make very personal wedding gifts, for example.
  Calligraphy - A diploma
    Calligraphy - Pens and ink
      Calligraphy - Margareta at work
      Calligraphy - Book: “Kråkfötter kan bli skönskrift”
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